TranslateMe Network — Investment

TranslateMe Network Introduction:

TranslateMe Network was founded in 2018 by
Ryan Lloyd and ( )
Stephan Lagesse ( )

Our goal? Build a trustless translation solution using AI and blockchain technology. Which aims to become a leader in a 60 Billion USD a year market in Translation.

The Problem:

Only 0.3% of all languages are commercially available by machine translation providers.

Language coverage is low due to a lack of data for training machine learning models.

No current service provider that guarantees privacy.

High cost for translation service across all providers.

The solution:

TranslatMe enabled by the incentive model can resource any language.

TranslateMe collects data from user contributors for any language.

TranslateMe protects all user translated data and will never store it.

Low costs are achieved by leveraging blockchain distributed services.

TranslateMe Potential market focus:

User Applications 2.9 Million applications online with combined revenue of 20.2 Billion USD

Global Ecommerce valued at 3 Trillion USD

Global online tourism industry 2.9 Trillion USD

Web and social content valued at 13.6 Billion USD

All sectors combined is referred to as the internet industry and this is estimated at 20.5 Trillion USD.

TranslateMe achievements

Launched Smart contract on NEO called TMN -2018
MVP has over 1 Million downloads — Telegram Translator

Telegram translation application: 50 000 active users
Twitter: 10 000 users
Telegram: 20000 users
Launched translation market place ( under development )
Over 100 000 Contributions per month

More on our project and our team visit our website:

Completed Translation algorithms:

French, German, Spanish, Hindi and Russian Translation model with API

Under development:

Simple Chinese

These are very popular languages and will be a great start to our product offering when we release our commercial API for online B2B customers.

Test our translation quality on our website. This is a test version is running our models via our API on a single Linux node.

Basic token info:

Total supply — 2 Billion
Circulation — 22 Million ( 1.1 % )
Market Cap — 70 993 USD
Average trading volume — 2000 USD daily
24h — 4.7%
30d — 35.4%
1y — 267.1%

The opportunity in the next BULL RUN.

TranslateMe Network seeks opportunists that believe opportunities exist in the next Bull Run. To take advantage of this limited timeframe that will present itself soon, we have formulated a high-risk high return offer. The offer combines the opportunities in blockchain with some traditional methods of funds raising.

Our fundraising goal is 500 000 USD

The 200 000 000 Million tokens will be allocated to our private investors, staking for passive income will be exclusively offered to our private investors and users who accumulate 1 Million or more in the IEO launch. Each staking node will share proportionally in fees from our translation network. As the service grows the fee returns will yield higher.

Additionally, TMN tokens held by private investors will be issued a share certificate in TranslateMe LTD — Mauritius the company is a legal entity. 1000 shares will be issued in order for a share offering to be tied in with the token offer, for every 1 Million tokens purchased we will issue one share.

*** Shares are ordinary shares that represent voting rights and equity holdings in the company.

Summary Offer:

Token price will be 0.0025 USD per token
2500 USD is the minimum investment
Each 1 million tokens purchased guaranteed a staking slot
Each 1 Million tokens purchased are tied with a single share offering
A maximum of 100 000 000 Million per investor will be allowed.

For token trading history — Click here

The funds would be spent on the following:

15 % Liquidity for a stable market base
15 % for pre-marketing for our IEO ( 90 days pre-launch )
5 % IEO listing fees ( )
10 % Marketing post IEO ( 6 months )

55% development for the following items:

– Migration to NEO 3
– Smart contract migration for validation and rewards
– Mining contract to issue tokens for supporting the network API calls
– Smart contract payment for commercial API keys and usage fees in TMN
– Staking feature for staked nodes to earn 20% of network fees.
– 10 commercial translation models
– API and customer portal linked to smart contract
– Upgrade
– Integrate APIs on our telegram Translator to remove fees

After the private sale closes we will proceed to an IEO launch. (Initial Exchange Offering)

The IEO proposed price will be 0.005 USD with a discount of 20% tokens at 0.004 USD per token.
We will issue 200 000 000 Tokens ( 800 000 USD funding goal )

If we successfully launch the IEO and follow with the proposed marketing. TranslateMe could convert to return anything from 100% to 1000% returns on your initial investment. We would capitalize on our past history, the upcoming bull run, and of course our already delivered proof of concept.

Funding is absolutely needed now to launch this project.

If you are interested in exploring this in more detail, please email and request a meeting as an interested private investor. We will set up a video call and cover this in more detail, you will have the opportunity to discuss the offer directly with our founders and core team if needed.