Trustless Translation Network

Another amazing milestone for the TranslateMe Network team. As part of our goal to achieve a truly decentralized translation network.

TranslateMe Network is the future of translation with an ambitious goal to translate the internet. As we move into the fourth industrial revolution. Machine translation is an important part of the internet’s evolution.

TranslateMe Network was founded in NOV 2018 with a goal to break the world’s language barriers online. Using the latest in machine translation and blockchain technology, TranslateMe is developing a unique approach to machine translation.

An AI algorithm that continuously learns from users submitting corrected sentences generated by the network. These sentences are treated as points of reference for our AI model, a vast web of interlinked data that forms a pattern.

These patterns are the building blocks for rules, guidelines, and principals for the model to learn from its mistakes. A revolutionary approach to a machine translation.

Traditional methods for machine translation uses parallel data, one sentence in English and the other translated target language. All sentences are assumed as correctly translated. The process uses various methods but ultimately the machine is trained to find patterns and develop a network of web-like interactions between each sentence. This forms an understanding, a form of intelligence.

Our network resources a third metric, this data is achieved using a unique consensus pipeline developed by our team as our validation step needed to automate proof of translation payments.

We are very excited to have launched our market place. We are currently upgrading the platform by adding our validation pipeline from our telegram proof of concept, and all contributors. This will help customers with traditional translation.

Using machine translation we drive the costs of translation down significantly, then using our contributor pipeline we are able to raise the quality of the machine translation of all sentences via our validation pipeline. The result is a trustless translation portal with near-perfect translation.

The two years now coming together on one platform. This will be a real service and use case for TMN. The final step will be to move our validation pipeline into a smart contract. This will secure and manage proof of translation. Proof of translation will be used to ensure the contributors claimed value is authenticated by our smart contract. Contributors will earn for fixing errors in machine-translated sentences, voters will be rewarded for validating the best suggestion, and finally staking nodes will be rewarded for distributing validation data.

Essentially we will be creating a smart contract that will link an input sentence with a validation step of multiple contributors and a final result of a perfect translation. The entire contract could be included on any translation platform as a better approach to outsourcing, the utility value for this process will be TMN.

If you want to sign up as a contributor please go to