How to earn TMN on Telegram Traslator App

Simply chat in our participant groups on telegram with our translation tool activated and earn 1TMN per message sent.

Intall the App

Visit the GooglePlay store and download the app.

Open The App

Open your menu on the app and select ``Earn TMN``

Chat in Group

Chat in one of these groups with translation activated.

Translate and Earn

Earn 1 TMN for each message translated.

How to Claim after Earning

Go to Menu

Click to Claim

Redeem TMN

NEO Wallet

     Download Wallet

Rules: Qualify for rewards if rules are followed!

  • No spamming messages in groups.
  • TMN paid for complete sentences only.
  • No duplicate or multiple accounts to be used
  • We reserve the right to withhold tokens should we find abuse.
  • Minimum Claim is 1000 TMN

Rules for submitting corrections:

  • Only submit corrections in your first language.
  • Make sure you send complete sentences.
  • You must submit the completed version that’s translated by machine with your corrections.
  • Try to replace words that make more sense, arrange the sentence in the correct order or add words that are missing. Remove words that do not make sense.
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