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TranslateMe Chat App

With a focus on translation services to the chat user, our unique system displays all chats in your preferred language. The app allows for the receiving user to edit each translated chat message and submit it to the TranslateMe algorithm. This platform has an immediate benefit to groups wanting to avoid creating multiple language channels for their following. This will also be the only chat system that actually pays the user to use it.

TranslateMe Freelancer

TranslateMe Freelancer’s main aim is to provide integrated chat translation, as well as deliver a platform to promote translation work via the token incentive. The added bonus to the freelancer is that they can process the requested work via the translation system then make human edits to the submission and submit back to the client for review. Once satisfied, the customer will accept the work and pay the freelancer, but the submission will also be sent to the TranslateMe algorithm and the freelancer will be rewarded in tokens for their human contribution.

TranslateMe Menu

TranslateMe Menu is a platform developed and used by hotels for the translation of their menus. We developed a QR code-based, digital dashboard for hotels to create and edit the online digital version of their menus. These menus are translated by machine, as well as human contributors to improve the machine’s output for a high quality result. The QR code is scanned by a customer who needs the printed menu in their own language. The customer is redirected to an accurate, translated, digital version of the menu, ensuring every order arrives as expected.

TranslateMe Docs

This system aims at creating a platform backend for users to create unique content for endless use cases. Once submitted, documents can be converted to static pages in the preferred languages of choice. Each of these documents would be linked to a QR code for physical use in the real world. For example; a restaurant menu that’s not in your language. If Restaurants can easily create a backend of digital menus in a variety of languages, which can be accessed via a QR code on the physical menu.

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