August 2019
Airdrop completed
3000 wallet holders
Staking private funding
IOS release
Three new team members

July 2019
Listing on Coincodex
Official circulation 22 561 398
CoinGecko updated our circulation
Listed on Coinmarketcap.com
Nominated for Noonie awards
Silvestre Losada joins us

June 2019
Vindax IEO
NEW exchange Probit.com
Partnership with Coinfinit.com
20% bonus to early holders of TMN completed
IEO on Probit.com
1 Million downloads of MVP
Translateme.market platform launch
Listed on Blockfolio
Listed on Delta

May 2019
Our android app hits 1 Million down loads.
We listed our first IEO on probit.com

November 2017
TranslateMe explored alternatives to the current third party translation service providers.

February 2018
Preliminary plans where rolled out to bring together the best in the industry.

March 2018
Alpha version of the test network without blockchain incentive was created, this alpha version would demonstrate to investors the difference between machine learning standards and our Human Input Algorithm.

April 2018
Private funding was raised to continue development of the alpha version and launch costs for the project, including basic recruitment for our start up.

May 2018
Core team for the project was identified for Blockchain incentive and additions to translation algorithm.

June 2018
The official release of the full white paper and launch of the official ICO website www.translateme.network.

July 2018
Token contract and testing of escrow private sale stage.

August 2018
Attended Mauritius first Blockchain conference.

September 2018
Pre-launch show case of French to English proof of concept and DOCS platform BETA release.

October 2018
Begin custom Blockchain development to build into our alpha version for testing on a test network token.

March 2017
TranslateMe was incorporated in Mauritius as a full translation solution offering to the hotel industry.

June 2017
TranslateMe Menu platform was created and released.

November 2017
TranslateMe explored alternatives to the current third party translation service providers.

January 2016
TranslateMe was created by Stephan Lagesse and Ryan Lloyd.

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