AI Decentralized Translation

Blockchain-based, hybrid AI algorithm of man and machine that has the ability to translate any website, device or application connected to the internet. Benefits include up to 90% reduction in cost to the user, complete privacy options and no restriction of use.
Cost* Privacy Incentive Hybrid Languages
$20 200
$10 110
$20 50
$15 40
$20 20
$2 200+

*Cost is 1 per million

How does it work?

TranslateMe reduces costs by using Blockchain technology. Our very own token, TMN, will be used directly on our network to transfer translation fees to contributors. The token will be used to pay users for making accurate corrections to our machine’s translation. We also pay contributors that connect their machines to our network. Additionally, TMN will be used as the token that clients will use to pay for machine translation.

EARN TMN Android MVP App is here!

A translation solution for Telegram that allows for live translated chat. Users can earn TMN and help us build a better algorithm for machine translation. Now live on Google Play Store.


The Best In The Industry

Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine translation is the latest technology used in translation. The existing model works very well, but it depends heavily on data to be fed into the system.

Human Input

Real-time human input will be rewarded in tokens. This will form a basic working relationship between the platform and our contributors.

Advanced API

The API will be crucial for third party integration and human input. Our API will be able to plug in into any platform that requires real-time translation.

Distributed Computing

Decentralised networks cost less and are highly secure. Distributed computing is ideal for server-side computation and translation requests.

Token Reward Mining Algorithm

The reward for work done will rely on a mining algorithm, which will pay the user for their support of the network and their contribution to evolving our neural machine translation.

Blockchain Savings

The translation industry is worth an estimated $44 billion per year. With the cost of translation being so high, many innovators and solutions in the market have a large bill to fit. Blockchain technology provides a cost-effective solution.

Welcome to our New Team Members

Mohamed Boudan

Translation Engineer


Silvestre Losada

Advisor NLP specialist

Virat Singh

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Sean Shüping

Systems Infrastructure


NOV 2018
TMN launched on NEO network as a Nep5 token.
DEC 2018
Web version of our MVP with reward incentive of TMN.
2019 1st Quarter
Release a BETA version to participants, this will include the basic input function of human input to contribute to the network and distributed computing.
2019 2nd Quarter

Combine incentive of TMN with contribution by human input.

2019 3rd Quarter

Advanced API and test with third-party apps.

2019 4th Quarter 1.0 with support of 10 languages.

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