AI Decentralized Translation

TranslateMe Network is the future of machine translation.  Incentive driven Blockchain-based, machine translation.  The algorithm can be used to translate any web content, platform or application. Benefits include up to 90% reduction in cost to the user, complete privacy and inclusion of multiple languages that lack data.

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Investor Opportunity

  • Token price will be 0.0025 USD per token.
  • 2500 USD is the minimum investment.
  • 1 Million tokens purchased guaranteed a dividend yield slot.
  • 1 Million tokens purchased are tied with a single share offering of our registered company in Mauritius

Basic token info:

  • Total supply:  2 Billion
  • Circulation: 22 Million (1.1 %)
  • Market Cap: 70 993 USD
  • Average trading volume: 2000 USD daily

How does it work?

Machine translation has been around for many years, its biggest challenge is finding suitable data. TranslateMe Network creates an incentive for users to contribute this valuable data. Each sentence submitted mints new TMN tokens in exchange for the data. As more TMN is issued the data collected increases the quality of the machine translation.

TranslateMe Network will leverage this value as a product, this service will stack as a API which can be utilized by companies, platforms and developers. TMN will also be implemented as a payment token in the form of fees for each API call made by customers. TMN is the exclusive fee structure to ensure value is transferred from customers back to contributors.

TranslateMe Network will need a tamper proof distributed ledger for a concept known as proof of translation. Blockchain technology will be used to secure billing and contributor transactions. This will ensure payments or fees are correctly recorded. Using a NEO smart contract, the minting of new TMN will be managed by the smart contract. As our network shifts to a trustless machine translation solution we will also need a special smart contract to allow API calls in exchange for TMN as a fee.

Without the potential benefits of Blockchain technology, TranslateMe Network would not exist.

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Languages Under Development

Korean 25%
Spanish 95%
Chinese 15%
Filipino 5%
Hindi 95%
Japanese 15%
Persian 10%
Zulu 25%
Cost* Privacy Incentive

*Cost per 1 million translated characters


TranslateMe Network released a revolutionary telegram translator, our motive was to build a test environment for implementing our own machine translation models, the application is a huge success with over 1 Million downloads. Its revenue growth is currently at 38% per month.

TranslateMe Market

We launched TranslateMe Market this year to help us grow the contributors on our network, each contributor joins us to help improve our machine translation and earns TMN based on their contribution.

Almost 2000 users in less than a month, thousands of contributions a day and growing across hundreds of languages. Our pipeline validates translation using a community based voting system. This promotes excellent translation across many languages.  We plan to release a commercial version to enable a direct connection with customers, this will boost activity on out network and assists in a wide range of data needed to build amazing machine translation services.

Trustless Translation

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Why Blockchain?

July 23·3 min read
Blockchain stacking is not only a replacement for the traditional database, it also provides a tamper-proof, distributed ledger system.
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Community Questions

July 15·4 min read
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